Pineapples: 10 Health Benefits and Sources of Vitamin C


If you think pineapple is just a tropical fruit, think again. You will be surprised to know the significant health benefits that pineapples carry apart from being excellent sources of Vitamin C. People are so busy these days that they prefer drinking fruit juice rather than cutting and eating the fruit. With that said, there are still those that eat pineapples.

Let’s get straight to the point – Why are pineapples and pineapple juices so healthy? Also, many people wonder why pineapples and pineapple juices pose so many health benefits.

Pineapples are known as good sources of vitamin C, vitamin B, fiber, and other minerals. It is also known as food with the highest fiber content. For those living in the United States, pineapples available all year round and are available in the fresh, frozen, or canned state.  If you are not already eating pineapples, here are a few reasons why you should start eating one.

1 – Pineapples Are Rich Sources of Vitamin C

Pineapple, when consumed as a fruit or pineapple juice provides the body with Vitamin C. This is also known to give a clear and glowing skin! A single cup of pineapple contains about 78 mg of Vitamin C which is an average recommended quantity of daily intake. Vitamin C also helps in wound healing and iron absorption.

2. Pineapples supplement in Weight Loss

No kidding. Pineapple burns fat and reduces fat formation in the body. Due to the low calorific value, pineapples are a good choice for snacks. It helps you feel full without adding calories, which is indirectly causing you to lose weight. Another benefit is that it satisfies one’s sweet tooth. Since pineapples also contain fiber, they help in lowering blood sugar.

3. Speeds Up Digestion

Many people suffer from digestion problems while the solution lies right in front of them, without them realizing it. In South American nations, pineapple juice has been used to treat digestive disorders. A direct benefit is also seen as a reduction in diarrhea. Studies related to this can be found here.

4. Suppresses Inflammation

Pineapples are found to have bromelain content. In Europe, it is used to reduce inflammation caused due to surgery or trauma and in many cases, it is a cure for deep burns. If you have rheumatoid arthritis, eating pineapple will help. Many doctors also suggest injecting bromelain before performing surgery to reduce the pain inflicted.

5. Pineapple boosts immunity

You might find this surprising to believe, but a test-tube study found that pineapples contain enzymes that contribute to building immunity. If you want to make your antibiotics work better, consider drinking pineapple juice once a day.

6. Pineapples improve heart health

Pineapple is a tropical beverage, and it’s often ignored, although it is available throughout the year. It is often said that to avoid hypertension or high blood pressure, eat a good amount of pineapples. They are a natural cure for hypertension, but unfortunately, not many people know about it. Do a good deed today – Pass this information to high BP patients you know and help them recover. Or better still, share this article with them.

7. Pineapples and Bone Strength

According to a study, pineapple enzymes have found to increase bone strength by a certain amount. So, if you want strong bones, you should start eating more pineapples.

8. Solution for Arthritis

Pineapples are known to be a rich source of bromelain which is an anti-inflammatory enzyme. These are particularly helpful in suppressing the inflammation of joints that occur in arthritis. According to a study, a patient with osteoarthritis was relieved of pain by taking a bromelain based enzyme supplement which was as effective as medicine like diclofenac. So, pineapples are indeed a great healer of arthritis too! 

9. Helps in Recovery Post Surgery

Bromelain, the wonder enzyme found in pineapples reduces inflammation, bruises, swelling. If you do not know, these are common problems that one faces after surgery. According to this study, consumption of bromelain before dental surgery was found to reduce pain by a much larger extent than those who did not consume. Also, pineapples are known as good sources of vitamin C, so it doesn’t hurt to consume that.

10. Delicious

If you are someone who has never tried eating pineapple, you are missing out on a wonder fruit. It is delicious and can be a value add when it comes to your diet plan. You can eat them at any time of the day.

If fruits had a superhero competition, pineapples are a potential competition. So, if you are a big fan of pineapples, kudos! If not, it’s high time you start eating pineapples and reap the benefits it carries. And those of you who are taking medicine supplements or external sources of vitamin C here’s your natural supplement!

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Pro Tip: You can add it to your keto diet plan. Read this post for more information.

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