Sulfur Burps: How To Get Rid of Sulfur Burps in 8 Ways

sulfur burps

Sulfur burps are nothing but normal burps that have a smell like rotten egg. People who know chemistry know that it smells like Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) gas. Sulfur burps occur when the Hydrogen Sulphide gas is produced by the stomach due to the food the person intakes. This post explains how to get rid of sulfur burps.

This gas is produced by the stomach when the oral cavity bacteria breaks down food and facilitates it for digestion. Occasional production of this gas is normal. Any increased or regular sulfur burps needs attention.

Causes of Sulfur Burps

1. When you eat sulfur rich foods

You should not eat foods containing sulfur in excess. Examples are – Broccoli, Cauliflower, cabbage, kale, asparagus, etc. Such foods undergo digestion to form Hydrogen Sulphide gas which result in sulfur burps.

2. Helicobacter pylori

This is a type of bacteria that results in an infection which causes sulfur burps, bloating, abdominal pain and nausea.

3. Gastroesophageal Reflux disease

Also abbreviated as GERD, it is a chronic acid reflux. The acid from digestion results in formation of H2S and causes sulfur burps.

4. Food not accepted by stomach

This is why eating of junk food is discouraged. The stomach has to overwork to digest the junk food that you eat and results in digestive problems.

5. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

IBS is a digestive condition that affects the large intestine. This is also a common cause of sulfur burps.

How to Get Rid of Sulfur Burps: 8 Ways

1. Indian Turmeric

Turmeric is a remedy for many problems related to health. This Indian Ayurveda spice has a miraculous healing power. This study from National Library of Medicine shows the power of turmeric in healing digestive disorders. You can include turmeric based diet, or mix it with milk and consume it. For simplicity, turmeric powder is available in the market instead of hard solid turmeric sticks.

2. Manuka Honey

This honey is unique and helps in protecting the digestive lining, fight with harmful gut bacteria, thereby helping in easing sulfur burps problem.  

3. Green Tea

If you are a tea person, you must be aware of the benefits of green tea. One such benefit is the remedy to sulfur burps. This is because green tea has components that helps in digestion and benefits the body. A green tea that has min flavour will also aid your breath with a mint like smell.

To read more about Green Tea benefits, read this article from Wikipedia.

4. Fennel Plant

This plant is mostly used to give relief to the digestive process in humans. Fennel seeds are widely used in India as a remedy for bloated stomach and sulfur burps. Not to forget, fennel aids in good smelling breath.

5. Cumin Seeds

This study from NCBI is proof that cumin extracts are a remedy to irritable bowel problems such as bloating and sulfur burps. According to this post in Healthline, black cumin works like an antibiotic and is an effective remedy of heartburn, also known as dyspepsia.

6. Anise Flowering Plant

This plant tastes very similar to black licorice. It is believed to show antimicrobial properties and is consumed with tea.

7. Caraway Seeds

Medicinal healing knows this name since ages. This seed has proved to work like an antibiotic and is usually used after boiling it in water. Caraway seeds are also a potential remedy for H. pylori.

8. Ginger extract

India is a land of spices and the world is benefitting from its Ayurveda remedies. Brewing a ginger in tea helps in the preparation of ginger flavoured tea. This post gives a detailed information on Ginger benefits for acid. Please remember, excess of ginger is not good for health either. It should be taken in small amounts.

How long does Sulfur Burps Last?

Sulfur Burps, if happening in excess can last up to 3 days and may result in a foul smell coming from breath. It may even disappear in 1 -2 days in normal cases. If it takes more than 3 days, you need to consult a doctor.

How is Sulfur Burp Related to Pregnancy?

A usual sign of pregnancy includes (but is not limited to) sulfur burps since the hormones misbehave with the gastrointestinal tract. If you are pregnant, try to avoid foods rich in sulfur or junk foods.

Let’s face it, we all have issues. This is one of them. You can improve it with better food choices and healthy food habits. To learn more about our posts, head over to our homepage.

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