Happy Hypoxia in COVID-19: Silent Hypoxemia

Happy Hypoxia

Decoding Happy Hypoxia in Coronavirus context: All You Need to Know.

happy hypoxia in COVID and coronavirus updates
What is Happy Hypoxia in COVID 19?

Happy Hypoxia or Silent Hypoxemia, a condition when a person’s oxygen levels are so low that they should be fainting or experiencing organ damage, but instead, they are seemingly well, until eventually, they collapse.

What actually happens in Happy Hypoxia?

The blood oxygen saturation level of a normal person is around 95% or more. However, in conditions that affect the lungs like pneumonia, the blood saturation levels drop below 94%. This condition is called hypoxemia. Blood oxygen levels below 90% is considered to be too low & oxygen therapy is needed. A person with low oxygen levels would have symptoms like shortness of breath and chest pain. However, in happy hypoxia, the person shows no such symptoms. Which is concerning..

What does the latest study says on Happy Hypoxia?

Latest review @BioMedCentral
reported disconnect b/n the severity of hypoxemia & relatively mild respiratory discomfort reported by the COVID-19 patients contrasts w/the experience of physicians usually treating critically ill patients.

happy hypoxia in covid

Is pulse oximeter helpful?

Pulse oximeter helps in detecting hypoxia. This device may indicate issues with blood oxygen levels which could be related to COVID as COVID-19 is not the only disease that causes low blood oxygen levels. Read in detail: Pulse Oximeter, an important guide.

It might be helpful to use a pulse oximeter at home to monitor oxygen level in COVID 19 patients, particularly being treated at home. Although, this device is not very helpful in severely ill patients.

COVID information: Trust Only Evidence Based Study.

You need to be vigilant on the information provided on the internet. Trust only on reliable sources and not everything you hear of. If you want to read more detail on how nutrition can help you in combating COVID, read the article below.

COVID Nutrition: Evidence based Information Compiled for you!

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