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covid 19 awareness drive

On August 2nd 2020, Mumbai Matters twitter handle launched the COVID-19 Awareness Drive along with Mumbai North Central District Forum. Users were invited to ask their questions and they were answered by Dr. Subhasree Ray. You can read about her achievements and authenticity in nutrition and medicines here.

COVID-19 awareness drive mumbai matters dr subhasree ray MNCDF coronavirus updates

Curious users jumped in to ask their questions, so we brought the questions and answers together for everyone to benefit. All thanks to Mumbai Matters and Dr Subhasree Ray.

COVID 19 and Nutrition Unlocked – Part One

low platelet count in covid and coronavirus updates

Post recovery, take multivitamins enriched foods(grains, pulses, fruits, green leafy vegetables) and if you have deficiency of any particular nutrient, take supplement under doctor’s supervision. Protein is crucial too. If you are vegetarian, take beans, sprouts, low fat curd, milk, buttermilk to supplement your protein need. If you are a non-vegetarian, take lean chicken, egg white for faster recovery and support overall health.

sleep cycle and food habits in covid and coronavirus updates

There is no single immunity boosting food. A wholesome balanced diet is recommended. Although, include the following – nuts, yogurt, ginger, garlic, green tea, lemon, vitamin C sources like orange, lemon, pine apple, papaya. Vitamin D & calcium sources like low fat dairy. For B vitamins take pulses, beans, millets like jawar, bajra, ragi.

immunity booster in covid and coronavirus updates

There’s multiple immunity boosting foods. But, a balanced whole diet with enough fruits and vegetables, yogurt, buttermilk, water, legumes is good for all age group. Take special care to the elderly and those who are living w/ diabetes, hypertension etc.

imdnight cravings in covid and coronavirus updates

Midnight cravings can be tackle if you are not awake for very long at night. If you have too much craving, take a fistful of nuts, baked crackers, oats cookies in less quantity. Remember, sometimes these are emotional hunger and not physical hunger.

acidity during covid and coronavirus updates

During lockdown, we don’t have much physical activity and consume more calories unknowingly. Sometimes, oily snacks too. This could be the reason for acidity. Suggestion: eat less oily foods, take buttermilk and curd everyday. Include Fruits and vegetables in daily diet.

kids care in covid and coronavirus updates

Kid’s immunity is crucial during COVID 19 as they are refrained from outdoor physical activity. focus on healthy snacking like fruit and vegetable salad, low sugar yogurt, easily digestible food like plain khichdi. Engage them into cooking by explaining why a food is good.

meat in covid and coronavirus updates

Meat is completely safe if we cook it properly. There will not be an issue.

milk products in covid and coronavirus updates
  • Milk and sour products might stimulate mucus growth, but not in everyone’s case. Warm milk is good to compensate protein, calcium and some iron.
  • Inflammatory foods are antioxidant enriched foods like fruits, beetroot, green leafy vegetables.
vegan food in covid and coronavirus updates

For vegetarians, nutritious diet would be ample of fruits and vegetables (both raw salad and cooked) along with Legumes, low fat dairy, specially curd and butter milk. Include oats, dalia, multigrain bread as healthy food choice. Chose healthy fats like almond and walnut.

daily food for covid and coronavirus updates
  • Read nutrition label of any food when you are buying it. Look for sugar, fat, cholesterol in particular.
  • To eat a balanced diet, eat 2-4 servings of fruits & vegetables everyday. Low sugar, salt. 8-10 glasses.

Coronavirus or COVID-19 has taken the world by surprise. All we can do is practice social distancing, stay clean and healthly, take proper care of nutrition and diet, and build our immunity. Meanwhile, the healthlcare workers, doctors and staff are taking care of those affected by COVID. Let’s pledge to play our part by taking care of ourselves and not overwhelming the healthcare system. This way, we can contribute in flattening the curve.

You need to be vigilant on the information provided on the internet. Trust only on reliable sources and not everything you hear of. If you want to read more detail on how nutrition can help you in combating COVID, read the article below.

COVID Nutrition: Evidence based Information Compiled for you!

Lets us know your thoughts in the comments below. We will continue to bring more latest information for you. Share this post with your loved ones to keep them aware.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

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