COVID Immunity: A Bittersweet Relation?

covid nutrition and immunity

It’s August 2020 and we thought we were doomed. We had barely come out of the new year mood when COVID struck. Who knew the conversation would come to COVID Immunity one day. Fast forward to today, we all are like..

I know you can relate because we’re together in this. However, what has not changed is the nutrition. The media will bring you lot of information, so you should trust only authentic information. COVID Immunity is something you should take seriously because you know the world never came to a standstill that this virus was capable of doing.

Let’s see what Dr. Subhasree Ray has to say about COVID Immunity and nutrition.

The Basics on COVID FAQ’s: Refresher

What to do if you are a close contact of COVID positive patient?

  • Self-quarantine for 14 days
  • Monitor Symptoms (Refer @CDCgov)
  • Get tested
  • Inform others you have met
  • Consult a physician.

What should diabetics do during this pandemic?

  • Take extra precautions
  • Check blood sugar levels regularly and increase the frequency in case of an active COVID-19 infection since any symptom can possibly flare up blood glucose levels
  • Low carb diet, less stress

Is this a deadly virus?

It’s like a flu virus. 80-85% have mild symptoms and treated at home. Mortality is only 2.5 to 3%. Deaths are majorly reported in older population and with comorbid conditions like hypertension, diabetes etc.

Is it safe to non-veg during coronavirus outspread?

There is currently no evidence that food can transmit the virus or a determinant of any form of infection. So eating non-vegetarian food is perfectly safe. Make sure any meat is washed and cooked thoroughly.

Are pregnant women safe? What precautions should they take?

Pregnant is at an increased risk of suffering from viral respiratory infections such as the flu and can impact their health severely. Pregnant women have weaker immunity that make them more susceptible to the virus.

What should I do if someone around me is sick?

  • Stay away from that person
  • Maintaining a distance of 6 meters from an infected person can safeguard you
  • Also, stop shaking hands and go back to the traditional ‘Namaste’. It is one of the best ways.

Apart from maintaining hand hygiene, what else can people do to protect themselves?

It is very important to maintain respiratory hygiene. Whenever you have a cough, don’t cough on your hands or handkerchief, either use a tissue paper or cough on your sleeve. Whoever has fever, cough and cold should maintain a distance of 1 metre or 3 feet from others. And third is maintain your hand hygiene. Don’t rub your eyes.

Can drinking alcohol protect people from COVID-19?

It is a big no. Alcohol cannot protect you from any infection. You must use hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol, not drink it!

COVID and Nutrition

Although there is an excellent detailed article on COVID Nutrition that we suggest you read, we’ll still give you a glimpse of what you need to know.

During COVID-19, the most discussed thing has been nutrition. You should know these 4 things very well:

Different types of immunity how they work?

Innate immunity: The first line of defense against foreign substances & pathogenic microorganisms. It is an immediate, nonspecific defense that does not involve immunologic memory of pathogens.

Innate Immunity

Adaptive immunity: Also called acquired immunity, a 2nd line of defense against pathogens, takes several days or weeks to fully develop. It involves antigen-specific responses & immunologic ‘memory’. Faster and stronger because antigens are ‘remembered.’ B & T cells based.

Difference between Innate and Adaptive Immunity

Role of protein, energy deficiency

Protein-Energy Malnutrition and COVID Immunity: Protein-energy malnutrition (PEM) is a common nutritional problem that principally affects young children and the elderly. PEM significantly increases susceptibility to infection by adversely affecting both innate immunity and adaptive immunity.

Role of protein in COVID Immunity

Fatty acids role in immunity

Fatty Acids in COVID Immunity: Experimental studies have shown that several types of dietary lipids (fatty acids) can modulate the immune response. They have this role include the long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) of the omega-3 and omega-6 classes.

Fatty Acids role in coronavirus cure

Role of obesity.

Obesity & COVID Immunity: Overnutrition and obesity alters immunocompetence. Obesity is associated with macrophage infiltration of adipose tissue; macrophage accumulation in adipose tissue is directly proportional to the degree of obesity.

Obesity role in COVID Immunity

In this regard, it’s important to correct both under-nutrition and over-nutrition to ensure optimum immune function. Immunity is not a magic bullet that can appear instantly during a disease. Immunity needs to be inculcate slowly w/ a nutritious diet & healthy lifestyle.

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