Back Pain by Excessive Stay at Home? Causes & Cure

back pain

Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a severe lockdown. Most of us work from home. While there are several benefits of staying home, there are harmful things as well. One of them is back pain.

Not common in youths, this is now a common issue with many people. Prolonged stay at home and excessive sitting to do work for long hours are the prime causes. This is completely curable, so let us look deep into it.
Many components together form the human body. They work in synchronization. The spine contains segments called disks, which are cartilage-like supporting pads.
Any damage or problems with these components can result in back pain.

Lets see some common questions regarding Back Pain.

What are the Causes of Back Pain?

Strained muscle, muscle spasm, or muscle tension caused due to repeated heavy lifting or sudden strain.
Damaged or ruptured disks that harm the cushions causing it to press on a nerve.
Injuries in the skeletal structure of the spine.
Osteoporosis due to vertebrae forming fractures.

What are the risk factors associated with back pain?

1. Age – Commonly faced by people over ’30s if they are unfit physically
2No exercise – Unused muscles might lead to pain, so exercise is important
3Obesity – Overweight leads to stress on the backside
4Disease – Arthritis or cancer can also contribute to back pain
5Lifting done wrong – if legs are used instead of back, this leads to back pain as well
6Smoking – It reduces the flow of blood towards the lower spine, disabling the nutrients to reach the disks.

How to Prevent Back Pain?

1. Exercise – This is one of the best ways to keep your muscles flexible. Perform those that put less strain on your muscles and back. Start with walking and if you’re a swimmer, nothing better than that. You can consult your doctor about the kind of exercise you can try.

2. Build flexibility – If your hips are flexible, your pelvic bones will be in alignment with your upper legs. Depending on how severe your back pain is, your doctor will be better able to assist you.

3. Normal weight – According to your height and age, there is a certain weight that is considered normal. Anything above is overweight and anything under is underweight. So, obesity control is important.

4. Smoking needs to quit – Cannot stress this enough, but if you find it difficult, your doctor can help you quit smoking by assisting you with ways that make it happen.

5. Standing posture – Slouch standing is detrimental to your spine. If you stand, make sure your back is straight and, shoulders are spread normally. Good posture is of the most important things you can develop to keep your back pain in check.

6. Sit Straight – Not just standing, you need to sit in the correct posture as well. If you find it difficult to maintain posture, you can place a cushion or pillow towards your spine curve as well.

What are the symptoms of Back Pain?

1. Swelling on back
2. Difficulty in urinating
3. Genitals numbness
4. Slight fever
5. Less control over bowel movements
6. Trauma on spine

How to diagnose back pain?

1. X-Ray – This is used to detect if bones are aligned and if they are in proper structure. These do not reveal damage in anything other than bones.

2. MRI Scan – This scan can tell if there is a problem with disks, nerves, tissues, etc.

3. Bone Scan – This is used to detect bone tumors and fractures. In this process, the doctors inject a radioactive substance into the veins. This is collected into the bones and a special camera aids the doctor in detecting the problem.

4. EMG – Electromyography is used to measure the pulse that nerves produce in response to muscles. This is used to confirm if nerve compression is causing the pain.

Back Pain during COVID – Home Remedy

It’s not safe to go out during coronavirus because of the pandemic. So, once you feel the back pain occurring, you can try some oil treatments that do not have any side effects.

  • Peppermint Oil – This oil has menthol undertones and it is widely used to treat mild pain. Should be used as an external application.
  • Ginger Oil – Commonly used in cooking, this oil can benefit you from back pain as well if applied by heating it to a lukewarm temperature.
  • Lemongrass Oil – This oil contains anti-fungal ingredients and this is also used at home because it is anti-inflammatory in nature.
  • Lavender Oil – It is found beneficial against muscle pain. It keeps mosquitoes away because mosquitoes hate the smell of lavender.

On a concluding note

These are some ways you can be sure whether you have back pain and how to deal with it if detected. Better to prevent it by taking frequent breaks and doing regular exercises. Also, let us know in the comments below if you have countered it and how you cured it using other methods.

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